The return to the keyboard

Butlins.jpg Wow does half term ever go fast BUT I enjoyed a week off enormously. Spent a fun few days at Butlins with my family enjoying both the ‘Butlins experience’ and importantly the escape to the beach each day. I also enjoyed the chance to read, I devoured a history of the Tour de France, a cyclists autobiography and a gripping account of how the Alps were conquered.
I’ve also been thinking a lot about where I invest my youth work enegry next having completed my time with the centre in West Berks? I woud love to do some work around Confirmation, perhaps work with a specific church on this one, I’d also like to link in with some local work. I have a bit more college stuff to do BUT by July I will be a JNC qualified youth worker! Cool but weird!
If you are waiting for an e-mail reply from me then you may need to be patient as I.T have changed one of the servers and I am being denied access to my diary, mail and contacts 🙁
I have to write a short review of Contemplative Youth Ministry for Perspectives magazine on Monday ….. any suggestions of a particularly obscure word I should try and work into the review to make it more fun?

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  1. That is awesome! I put “Triumvirate” in an article once and I figured the editor would take it out but it made it. Gave me a little smile. I suggest “orthopraxy”. 🙂

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