Technorati Technical Help needed

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Are there any Technorati experts out there? Youthblog is on Technorati and it happily picks up new posts and links from other sites. However no matter how many links it picks up from other sites it continues to maintain (and has continually for the last three months) that Youthblog has “36 links from 20 sites!” Technorati has picked up far more links than the 20 sites BUT it just never updates? I’ve tried ‘pinging’ tchnorati and updating but it hasn’t changed the link data although every thing else is fine. Suggestions anyone ………………….

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  1. I would agree. Results from Technorati seem inconsistent at best. I recently added Technorati tags to some of my posts – sometimes my posts show up associated with the tags and sometimes not. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason…

  2. It often seems to get blocked for a day or so… 3 months does seem a bit wrong though… have you E-mailed them… ooh just checked mine and it’s gone backwards 😀

  3. I have to say that Technorati has a bit of a reputation in this respect. Stick ‘technorati broken’ into Google and have a browse through the results – quite a few other people with similar symptoms.
    In terms of problems with Technorati, WordPress uses Technorati to produce a list of people linking in to your blog for the admin page – periodically for me it doesn’t work at all, and for the past few months, when it does work, it individually lists all the times I’ve referred to my own pages in other posts…

  4. Ok, I’ve been keeping an eye on my Technorati rank for the past couple of weeks – exactly the same problem, it’s stuck on 50 links from 18 sites – never changes, even though the results of the search do.

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