Summer Camps: Job description

I’ve been putting together job descriptions for camp to make sure that people undersatnd exactly what is expected of them (and what isn’t). Probably the most IMPORTANT role in terms of the way that it makes or breaks the camp for young people is the dorm/group leader! This is my thinking on the JD to date but I’m open to additions and subtractions from it AND to see any that you’ve come up with please ……
To get to Camp in good time to welcome and build your group ie icebreakers, group work
To get to know your group (well) and make each individual feel valued and part of the group.
To enable and help them to have a GREAT time
To Pray for your group and to lead them in discussions/participation in sessions.
To look out for their well being ….. food, sleep, warmth etc
To encourage them to take part in activities & get the maximun sense of self achievement
To get your group to Sleep at Night