Social Exclusion Powerpoint

Huzzzah …… I have finished my assessed presentation on social exclusion and now just have to present it AND keep it to 20 minutes! Really wanted the opening to be an embedded movie from Google Earth flying into the estate where the research is from but sadly discovered that you can’t do that unless you have the pro-version of Google earth which is $400! I have compromised instead by using satellite images from Google maps and having them transition into each other, giving the impression of zooming in.
I’m rather pleased with the stuff I have discovered but I can’t write about it here as it may:
a) Be obvious (and you’d point that out)
b) Brilliant (unlikely) and I would screw up my chance of the Nobel prize for applied powerpoint by revelaing my research here! *laughing*
(you presumably know that a scarecrow did once win a Nobel Prize! ……. mind you he was outstanding in his particular field!)

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  1. LOL …. apologies for ‘joke’ I just wanted to see if anyone was actually reading the blog and I was SURE it would provoke a reaction if they were 🙂

  2. well I appreciated the joke – in fact have not stopped laughing for the last 24hours. Not sure what that says about my level of humour?

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