Saturday night was nostalgia night

I had an absolute blast on Saturday night with an event that combined nostalgia, laughter and friendship in equal and potent quantities. It was a combined celebration of 100 years of Crusaders and a BIG thank you to the leader in who’s home our youth group met. As it was a Christian event we had the de rigeur Barn Dance (John 10:10 “I came that you may have life and life in a-barn-dance“) and it was in a Church. The venue was secondary though as so many of old crowd were there and lots of our collected humour had been dusted, retrieved from museums and brought along, fabulous fun!
It was a moving evening and a great reflection on how much of my lfe, my friendships and especially my faith are rooted in and attributed to the youth ministry that I was fortunate enough to be part of.
Rainbow braces were really trendy ……. HONESTLY! oh …. and white socks

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  1. Another thing which was good about Saturday night (apart from fun and fellowship) was the “book of memories”. Some clever person had an idea that everyone write something to Andy reflecting on the way that he or Crusaders had influenced them.
    Imagine getting a letter out of the blue from some old youth group member saying how much he learnt from his time at a group you were invloved with. Humbling but inspiring, heh ?

  2. mmm rainbow braces… 3 questions… 1) did you have a rainbow guitar strap as well? 2) is it just my eyesight or are you wearing a belt as well as braces, if so was there some theological significance? and 3) it looks like the braces may be a little short, is this an occasion of a self administered ‘wedgie’or the more painful ‘nut-cracker’?

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