Getting stories into Newspapers

I met with our new media bod today and she is very keen for us to up the profile of the Diocese and Young people. I guess I can see some mileage in this when its actually providing positive stories about young people. BUT I’m interested how many youth workers, DYO’s actively promote stuff getting into the press? What are the opportunities and pitfalls as far as your concerned? Also how many of you are regularly asked for comment by newspaper and/or radio?
I think I’d be even more interested though in helping young people to have a voice into the media!

Making me laugh

I got an e-mail from AMAZON and was really surprised by the title, it said recommends Emerging Worship
I thought wow! (good to know that Amazon are supportive of ‘New Expressions!) but then realised that it was a sales pitch not a theological statement. I therefore opened up the e-mail to see what titles they were recommending in this particular genre, take a look:
emerging am2.jpg
I really liked the idea of emerging worship that included Basil Brush and Red Dwarf and look forward to a GRACE service in the future on ‘Laughter in Space” or something!
(Just found that the e-mail title was longer than the preview I saw, it was actually recommending an ‘Emerging’ book PLUS other stuff, BUT I still liked the idea as I understood it)

A trinouncement

My e-mail is back (Huzzah) and here’s the tri-fold briefing that springs from the stuff I’ve been sent:
1. Reading Boiler room is shutting down. It’s lease has come to an end and the crew feel it is not right to be seeking another property. 24-7 goes from strength to strength but the Reading Boiler room will close after a farewell on June 30th. The full details are in the form of a letter (in the extended entry)
2. CYM are building an ‘ongoing professional development’ stream of seminars for Yoof Wurkas. July 13th (10am-4pm) sees a day on Theology and Youth Work at the Midlands Centre for Youth Ministry, facilitated by Paul Nash.
There’s also one on “Enneagrams” in the same place at the same time (I think).
3. The Tearfund youthworker in Oxford is looking for an opportunity to meet with/speak to groups before July 14th. Details via me.

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The return to the keyboard

Butlins.jpg Wow does half term ever go fast BUT I enjoyed a week off enormously. Spent a fun few days at Butlins with my family enjoying both the ‘Butlins experience’ and importantly the escape to the beach each day. I also enjoyed the chance to read, I devoured a history of the Tour de France, a cyclists autobiography and a gripping account of how the Alps were conquered.
I’ve also been thinking a lot about where I invest my youth work enegry next having completed my time with the centre in West Berks? I woud love to do some work around Confirmation, perhaps work with a specific church on this one, I’d also like to link in with some local work. I have a bit more college stuff to do BUT by July I will be a JNC qualified youth worker! Cool but weird!
If you are waiting for an e-mail reply from me then you may need to be patient as I.T have changed one of the servers and I am being denied access to my diary, mail and contacts 🙁
I have to write a short review of Contemplative Youth Ministry for Perspectives magazine on Monday ….. any suggestions of a particularly obscure word I should try and work into the review to make it more fun?