Summer Camps: Job description

I’ve been putting together job descriptions for camp to make sure that people undersatnd exactly what is expected of them (and what isn’t). Probably the most IMPORTANT role in terms of the way that it makes or breaks the camp for young people is the dorm/group leader! This is my thinking on the JD to date but I’m open to additions and subtractions from it AND to see any that you’ve come up with please ……
To get to Camp in good time to welcome and build your group ie icebreakers, group work
To get to know your group (well) and make each individual feel valued and part of the group.
To enable and help them to have a GREAT time
To Pray for your group and to lead them in discussions/participation in sessions.
To look out for their well being ….. food, sleep, warmth etc
To encourage them to take part in activities & get the maximun sense of self achievement
To get your group to Sleep at Night

Saturday night was nostalgia night

I had an absolute blast on Saturday night with an event that combined nostalgia, laughter and friendship in equal and potent quantities. It was a combined celebration of 100 years of Crusaders and a BIG thank you to the leader in who’s home our youth group met. As it was a Christian event we had the de rigeur Barn Dance (John 10:10 “I came that you may have life and life in a-barn-dance“) and it was in a Church. The venue was secondary though as so many of old crowd were there and lots of our collected humour had been dusted, retrieved from museums and brought along, fabulous fun!
It was a moving evening and a great reflection on how much of my lfe, my friendships and especially my faith are rooted in and attributed to the youth ministry that I was fortunate enough to be part of.
Rainbow braces were really trendy ……. HONESTLY! oh …. and white socks

Youthwork Job Adverts

lyre.gif Jumped straight to the job pages when the JULY edition of Youthwork magazine arrived on Monday BUT sadly they weren’t the rich vein of humour they have been for the last couple of months. The only exception being the Church that are advertising for a Psalmist? Which made me laugh! Can you still get Psalmists? Would a Church REALLY put up with a new Psalm 119? I also got to thinking that they could have done better with an eye catching tag line for the Advert ….


Technorati Technical Help needed

Youthblog issued the following ‘really boring post’ warning at GMT 07:55
Are there any Technorati experts out there? Youthblog is on Technorati and it happily picks up new posts and links from other sites. However no matter how many links it picks up from other sites it continues to maintain (and has continually for the last three months) that Youthblog has “36 links from 20 sites!” Technorati has picked up far more links than the 20 sites BUT it just never updates? I’ve tried ‘pinging’ tchnorati and updating but it hasn’t changed the link data although every thing else is fine. Suggestions anyone ………………….

Davinci Code

Favourite two quotes regarding Davinci code so far ……
I’m told that a Theologian was asked by Radio 4 to comment on the book and his reply was rather dismissive, consisting merely of, “Did you ask a marine Biologist to comment on Finding Nemo?”
Second was from Tom Hanks when asked if he and his wife had qualms about the story. His reply,
“No, absolutely not. My heritage, and that of my wife, suggests that our sins have been taken away, not our brains.”
Oh and making me laugh, A reponse to the film in Dr Seus Stylee:
I would not watch it on TV,
I would not watch on DVD.
I would not watch on VHS,
I would not watch on CBS.
I would not watch it in a car,
I would not watch it in a bar.
I would not watch it with my dad,
I would not watch it when I’m sad.
I would not watch it in my bed,
I would not watch with my friend Fred.
I would not watch it on a box,
I would not watch it shown on FOX.
I would not watch it on a table,
I would not watch when it’s on cable.
I would not watch it in a chair,
I would not watch it anywhere.
I wish I had not paid eight bucks,
This movie really really sucks.
Ht to Ruth via Maggi

Ringtone redemption

You may remember some publicity last year about a device that had been designed to prevent young people congregating together in public places. The gadget in question was basically a PA system that broadcast a mosquito type whine that was too high pitched for adults to hear BUT drove teenagers crazy as they could hear it perfectly. I don’t think I even commented on the story as I was so insensed that our society could view/treat the next generation like vermin rather than fellow human beings.
Teenagers being infinitely resourceful though have found a way of redeeming for their own benefit an aspect of this equipment. A bunch of teenagers sussed out that if Adults can’t hear this sound then its PERFECT for a ringtone. Canny teenagers have been using the high pitched sound as a ring tone thus enabling texts and calls to be noted while in class, the teachers obvioulsy remaining unaware. GENIUS!
ht to youthwork mag’ for unearthing this one

Enviromental Impact

As a staff team today we had a really good look at reducing our enviromental impact in all areas of our work ….. transport, energy usage, resources. As a Diocese we are looking at introducing a meaningful target to work towards. I’m really pleased that we are beginning these discussion and look forward to the resulting action that we will be taking, even though it will make life more complicated.
I firmly believe that “Climate Change” is a major issue THAT we have to take seriously. I also believe that if we fail to do so we will have failed to be the stewards that Biblically we should be. I also think that the next generation who will be majorly affected by climatic issues will judge us/the Faith on where we aligned ourselves, as leaders in this issue or Ostriches.
Here endeth a rather preachy post.

PS Just to prove that alternative transport needn’t be uncomfortable …..