Monday morning randomness

A warm welcome to Monday from this remote backwater of Blogdonia! Life is kinda busy here at the moment with Yellow Braces camp coming up VERY soon and I’ve just lost one of my leaders (careless I know). I’m also working on an assessed presentation on Young People and Social Exclusion, I’m interested in drivers of social exclusion and how young people’s experience can grow and perpetuate the Exclusion being experienced by young people AND hence what intervention needs to look like. (If you feel like throwing me some useful bones on this one then I’d be grateful).
simply kurt.jpg I liked this post from Simply Kurt trying to get parents to recognise that youth ministry needs some organisational rules AND they do need to recognise them …… and how you negotiate the minefield.
Making me laugh this morning is this cartoon from Dave von Walker …..
Reminds me of a great quote. “Never judge another man until you have walked a mile in his shoes! This is presumably because it is safer now as you are a mile away and he has no shoes”