Miracles of Jesus

Below is the Press Release concerning a three part BBC TV series called Miracles of Jesus, it looks fascinating
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“The Miracles of Jesus, BBC One, SUNDAY 30TH JULY, 18.35
Today miracles are seen as supernatural acts that defy the laws of nature but in the first century AD miracles were seen as a language – a set of shared signs with meanings known only to the Jews.
The miracles possessed many layers of meaning – about history, Israel, the Romans, God and Satan, good and evil. But above all the miracles were clues to the identity of Jesus of Nazareth.
Presented by Rageh Omaar, this three part series explores what the miracles said about Jesus. Who did the disciples and his followers think he was? And did Jesus see Himself as the son of God? The latest findings from history and archaeology show the answers to be as surprising as they are fascinating.
A BBC Manchester Religion and Ethics production”

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  1. That definitely looks interesting, and seems to echo both our preacher on Sunday, and the AB of C’s Lent Book a couple of years ago that highlighted that whether you believe that all the miracles literally happened, or from the other extreme that there is a rational explanation for all of them, or somewhere in between, what is much more important is understanding the multiple layers of meaning that the miracles represent. Will certainly be setting the Sky+ for these.

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