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I met with our new media bod today and she is very keen for us to up the profile of the Diocese and Young people. I guess I can see some mileage in this when its actually providing positive stories about young people. BUT I’m interested how many youth workers, DYO’s actively promote stuff getting into the press? What are the opportunities and pitfalls as far as your concerned? Also how many of you are regularly asked for comment by newspaper and/or radio?
I think I’d be even more interested though in helping young people to have a voice into the media!

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  1. With one of my different church hat’s I chair the Communications Group at St James, and one of the things we’ve managed to do is get a pretty good relationship with the local media, and we pretty frequently appear in the paper in one form or another.
    For example, I haven’t looked at this weeks Wokingham Times, but there was a picture of the Church Choir singing to raise money for one of our young people to go to Ghana to help build a school last week, and the week before an article about a new guide to our churchyard that we have had written. Indeed, when one summer holidays the paper decided to do a series of articles focusing on various towns and villages in the area to replace the education pages, the first place picked was Finchampstead, and almost two-thirds of the coverage was about the Church in one way or another.
    The articles about Finchampstead highlights how I think we’ve managed to get as much coverage as we do – the reason we got so much in is that the local reporter talked to our press officer to get a lot of the material. What we did at St James was appoint someone to be our press officer, and in general try and direct all communication with the media through that person. Also, she has spent a lot of time getting to know all the local reporters that cover Finchampstead.
    Getting to know the right people seems to be the key – the reporters respond a lot better to people they know, than somebody random.

  2. The Leamington Courier isn’t the biggest newspaper in the world but they, along with other local papers:
    Love to be told what’s going on.
    Love an unusual photo-op.
    Love ministers who are available for comment.
    Love people inter-acting with their blogs and web-site.
    Love people ocassionally buying advertising space for events rather than expecting free publicity.

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