Enviromental Impact

As a staff team today we had a really good look at reducing our enviromental impact in all areas of our work ….. transport, energy usage, resources. As a Diocese we are looking at introducing a meaningful target to work towards. I’m really pleased that we are beginning these discussion and look forward to the resulting action that we will be taking, even though it will make life more complicated.
I firmly believe that “Climate Change” is a major issue THAT we have to take seriously. I also believe that if we fail to do so we will have failed to be the stewards that Biblically we should be. I also think that the next generation who will be majorly affected by climatic issues will judge us/the Faith on where we aligned ourselves, as leaders in this issue or Ostriches.
Here endeth a rather preachy post.

PS Just to prove that alternative transport needn’t be uncomfortable …..


4 Replies to “Enviromental Impact”

  1. Yes it may be comfortable but you are going to get a lot of abuse from the drivers that can’t get past you!

  2. Hey Ruthe, good answer.
    (btw that’s a great cross-over comment, it could fit onto either of my blogs)
    oh and I like your new site, cool very cool

  3. Good to see someone realising that as Christians we’ve been charged with stewardship for this planet. Youth work and environmental conservation go hand in hand, it’s their future!!

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