Anomalies in School policies

teacher.gif Parents are only allowed to take their children out of school for a maximum of 10 days in each year (five if you are in West Berks) as anything more than that would damage their education … and I think I’ve heard it inferred that they would be unable to catch up, were more time missed!
A pupil can be given fixed term exclusions for up to FORTY FIVE days in any one year!
I’m wondering if there may be a tension or contradiction there?

Dell Flambe anyone

Woooaaaa, Anyone want to form a support group for fellow Dell users who risk life and limb by using one of their laptops? Story here. I cycle with my laptop in my backpack which could produce an interesting phenomena, eeek.
Thanks to Lev for the link and I’ll let you know wether my laptop made it through my assessed presentation today 🙂

Miracles of Jesus

Below is the Press Release concerning a three part BBC TV series called Miracles of Jesus, it looks fascinating
mir of jweb.jpg
“The Miracles of Jesus, BBC One, SUNDAY 30TH JULY, 18.35
Today miracles are seen as supernatural acts that defy the laws of nature but in the first century AD miracles were seen as a language – a set of shared signs with meanings known only to the Jews.
The miracles possessed many layers of meaning – about history, Israel, the Romans, God and Satan, good and evil. But above all the miracles were clues to the identity of Jesus of Nazareth.
Presented by Rageh Omaar, this three part series explores what the miracles said about Jesus. Who did the disciples and his followers think he was? And did Jesus see Himself as the son of God? The latest findings from history and archaeology show the answers to be as surprising as they are fascinating.
A BBC Manchester Religion and Ethics production”

Social Exclusion Powerpoint

Huzzzah …… I have finished my assessed presentation on social exclusion and now just have to present it AND keep it to 20 minutes! Really wanted the opening to be an embedded movie from Google Earth flying into the estate where the research is from but sadly discovered that you can’t do that unless you have the pro-version of Google earth which is $400! I have compromised instead by using satellite images from Google maps and having them transition into each other, giving the impression of zooming in.
I’m rather pleased with the stuff I have discovered but I can’t write about it here as it may:
a) Be obvious (and you’d point that out)
b) Brilliant (unlikely) and I would screw up my chance of the Nobel prize for applied powerpoint by revelaing my research here! *laughing*
(you presumably know that a scarecrow did once win a Nobel Prize! ……. mind you he was outstanding in his particular field!)

Monday morning randomness

A warm welcome to Monday from this remote backwater of Blogdonia! Life is kinda busy here at the moment with Yellow Braces camp coming up VERY soon and I’ve just lost one of my leaders (careless I know). I’m also working on an assessed presentation on Young People and Social Exclusion, I’m interested in drivers of social exclusion and how young people’s experience can grow and perpetuate the Exclusion being experienced by young people AND hence what intervention needs to look like. (If you feel like throwing me some useful bones on this one then I’d be grateful).
simply kurt.jpg I liked this post from Simply Kurt trying to get parents to recognise that youth ministry needs some organisational rules AND they do need to recognise them …… and how you negotiate the minefield.
Making me laugh this morning is this cartoon from Dave von Walker …..
Reminds me of a great quote. “Never judge another man until you have walked a mile in his shoes! This is presumably because it is safer now as you are a mile away and he has no shoes”

Blogging and theological reflection?

ASCII-Man1.gifI received this e-mail and thought the questions were pretty interesting, so fellow reflective blog dwellers, have a read and if you are up for being helpful on this one then click on the extended entry for the questions!
“Hi! I’m Frankie Ward and with Elaine Graham and Heather Walton we’re the speakers at the British and Irish Association of Practical Theology conference that meets in Manchester July 18 – 20th this year, with the theme of theological reflection. I’d like to do something at the conference on blogging as a method of theological reflection – and would be really grateful if you could answer any or all of these questions – and forward them on to anyone else you know who might be prepared to answer them too. I need responses, if possible, by July 3rd … I don’t blog (yet!) so responses to my email address although if there’s any way that some dialogue can be generated within whatever blogging community you belong to, it would be great to be notified of any links etc that I might otherwise miss.
Many thanks in anticipation …”

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YPN and Christian Youthwork

Really encouraging to read this article in ‘Young People Now Magazine’, It’s called, “Beyond Preaching” and it’s a thoughtful bridge builder about work done in the Christian sector.
Also a useful editorial comment in the same edition regarding contribution and numbers of employed youth ministers.