Whenever two or three DYO’s are gathered together

…. It will be fairly riotous!
The conference together with my fellow Diocesan youth Officers was a blast. We had a banquet on the Wednesday night and the centre staff looked nervous! (I guess we were a ‘bit’ noisy). Lots of great discussion, some useful input and a simple Eucharist led by Maggi Dawn which was very cool.
We spent some time thinking about issues that we really wanted to promote some dialogue on. The ones I remember …..
1. Diversity and interfath dialogue
2. Discipleship and Confirmation
3. Young people and worship
4. Resourcing Churches and youth leaders
5. Youth Ministry vs Youth work (and training implications)
6. ‘Youth Matters’ and other legislation. Implications for voluntary sector

I’m signed up for the working group on Diversity and inter-faith dialogue. I’m convinced this is an important discussion for us to drive post 7/7 and in the aftermath of things like the Oldham riots. It will also really help the whole process of Discipleship with people more keen to understand and live their faith BUT in relationship with other people.