The CRE thing

Well, made it to the Christian Resources Exhibition at Esher and like Phil, I’m not really sure what to make of it?
But even so I had so much fun. I took a former member of my youth group with me and we ended up laughing so much as we engaged in obscure conversations with stallholders and spotted stuff that was just crazy! Every year there seems to be less and less youth focused stands/books/initiatives and that’s a big concern to me, If the exhibition is genuinely about resourcing churches and christians then why does this crucial area of ministry diminish? (Did pick up all 12 Nooma DVD’s for £99 though which is a result!)
On the useful side, it was, as ever, the networking and the bumping into people that rocked and I was able to have some very productive conversations. The event was extremely well organised (credit where it’s due) although I’m not entirely comfortable with being barcoded as I walk round.
I also enjoyed the gospel magic show 🙂
We ‘manned’ Dave’s stand for a few minutes while he went and got a cup of coffee. That was an absolute blast, it’s not often I get to use my sales skills from my previous life and I had a great deal of fun promoting Dave’s brand of humour to the bods who were passing 🙂

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  1. It was great to see you, and you’ve really got me thinking about the confirmation stuff.
    Enjoy hearing Kenda tomorrow, I’m not sure how much of it I took in at the Guildford session today. Still recovering from the weekend away!

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