Superman Returns

You HAVE to check out the trailer for the film Superman Returns! Tim Sudworth put me onto it and remarked on the ‘slight’ resonance with the opening lines of John’s gospel!
Jor-El: “Even though you’ve been raised as a human being you’re not one of them. They can be a great people Kal-El if they wish to be. They only lack the light to show the way. For this reason above all their capacity for good, I have sent them you… my only son”

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  1. yes, although as ive said a number of times before on other blogs, including mine…
    superman was based on moses, not jesus, as always america gets its saviors mixed up…

  2. Superman is not based on any of your deities. Get over yourselves….okey dokey. He is just based on humanities desire to do good deeds. He merely reinforces good things.

  3. Derek,
    Any super hero is based on the search for something!
    Where does the idea of doing good come from?
    And in point of fact Superman was based on Moses (character from Scripture), it’s a verifiable fact if you look back to the orginal comic from the two Jewish lads that created the idea.
    There is a need in all of us to find meaning (even if that meaning is elevating your own ideas by denegrating others) BUT the point is, where does that searching come from?
    Thanks for popping in and sorry that the discussion wound you up BUT you are very welcome.

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