I am basking in my new found recognition as the founder of the splurge approach to blogging, thus inspired here’s the Gos’ and the like. Edition 11 of JAM jam11.jpg magazine is out, well worth a look. Romance Academy have announced their training dates for July, September and October. They’ll be hitting London, Bristol and Northern Island. Check out the web page for more details and how to get hold of the DVD of the TV series.
In terms of obscure: I have been contacted by a Christian entertainment company that is run by a Christian and is looking to expand their childrens parties into Oxfordshire. It looks like really good match with youthwork/childrens work skills and could be EXTREMELY useful in supplementing income if you’re in a Church that can’t pay full-time or will be struggling in the future. Details from me!
St George’s College Jerusalem are looking for a few more young pople (15-25 I think) to be part of a programme from July 23-31st. It’s learning and experiencing the Holy land alongside local young people. There is sponsorship available for fees BUT you’d need to find the airfare and insurance. There’s a British Contact who can give you more details.
I have bought a set of NOOMA DVD’s so if anybody in the Diocese of Oxford is interested in using these for youth group sessions please ring up and say, “Hi, is that Ian the brilliant but quirky youth adviser?”
And finally, if you’re a bit fed up with youthwork and your looking for a job with similar highs and lows as well as gaining a different perspective, what about as a communications engineer like these guys?

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  1. I’ve done a bit of both – amongst other things, I’ve dangled from half way up the mast at Membury services, and I’ve taken over leading a youth residential when the leader (wasn’t Ian) went off in a huff. It’s amazing what you can do when you have to. Highlights: (a)tower rescue course – you dangle while someone cuts your rope. (b)The pain in the.. er.. child with difficult behaviour opens up to you.

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