Searching for cool people!

joe cool.jpg If you recall a post from way back you’ll know I am only fairly cool, however CH4 are looking for some actually cool people and asking about how that fits with faith! Message bloew, contact details from me.
Be cool people
‘I am working on a new documentary for Channel 4 Education (which will be shown in schools and colleges) called ‘The Search for Cool’. It will be an authored piece by our presenter as we follow his journey around Britain meeting all different sorts of people in the attempt to define that ever elusive term ‘cool’. Some current writings say that ‘cool’ is set to be the dominant ethic among younger generations of the developed world and billions of ‘wannabes’ in developing countries. We are interested to find out where religion fits into all of this or is cool the new religion? Or is cool essentially a surface thing, it’s about image and essentially morally bankrupt, that it’s not even really a personal expression but a massive corporate pitch?
We would really like the church to have a voice in this and would like to speak to a young member of the clergy on what do they think about the pressure to be cool etc? Most of the people we will be interviewing for this will be between the ages of 16-24yrs but that’s not set in stone. It would involve a small commitment, maybe ½ a day’s filming, a very informal chat with our presenter. Anyway I will let you have a think and hopefully speak to you soon’

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  1. I think you should go for it. You are the coolest person I know and even 10 seconds on why cool is not the right benchmark for faith will be valuable. Better you than no-one !

  2. I think it is really important that nobody, nobody, that’s nobody right who says they are cool, or thinks they are cool or who has ever claimed to be cool, gets allowed anywhere near this programme. Cool is in the eye of the beholder alone.

  3. Stu, thanks for the compliment *blushing* but not even tempted.
    Steve, I am with you 100% on this one. Thinking you are cool is a surefire way of identifying that you are in fact, not!

  4. I can’t think of any young clergy that I would say were ‘cool’. I think the two are slightly mutually exclusive. From my (very limited) experience, the ‘cool’ people end up in youth work and not ordination!

  5. I was told I was cool this very morning – by a 5 year old!! Who then went on to explain it was because I was blond just like her. Hmmm. People who are genuinely cool are usually the ones who couldn’t care less whether they actually were or not. You can’t be cool and think you are – then you negate your coolness! That skin head bloke who’s name I can’t remember, he was a youth leader and is now at the vocar factory – he’s cool. (he came to youth network stuff on a motorbike – you know the bloke I mean)

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