CYM small group

Am meeting with the CYM small group I tutor in an hour or so.
Today as a small group we will be exploring ‘Learners and learning’ in the context of groups BY learning together as a group and reflecting on that learning process we are experiencing while learning about the theory! LOL
Stay tuned for when we do an exercise in which I get people to reflect on how they reflect … and how that reflection affects their reflective practice!
Don’t know why this amused me or why I wrote it? Discuss (approx 2000 words)

Pro Hoodie! Way to go Archbish

archbish hoodie.jpg It’s fantastic to hear an Arch Bish being so pro young people! Arch Bishop John Sentamu adressing a conference on youth work articulated so much stuff that my fellow youth ministers and I feel and believe. Encouraging stuff and I didn’t think I’d see the day when a Bishop wore a hoodie!
“We have a lot to learn from young people as well as much responsibility for them”
Dr John Sentamu
Thanks to KTvS for the link and check out her thoughts and reflections about the article here.

Mixed metaphors

On the radio this morning (OK it was radio 2 I admit) there was a plug for a new radio programme that was being sold on its ecclectiveness (is that a word?) and the DJ rounded of his rallying advert for his new show with …
“Music from all four corners of the musical spectrum!”
Random leap into the depths of my memory and I remember a meeting when I was with Crusaders and someone said ….

“The trouble with sticking your neck out is you get your finders burnt!”

I’m declaring this mixed metaphor day! Do share your fav’s