Searching for cool people!

joe cool.jpg If you recall a post from way back you’ll know I am only fairly cool, however CH4 are looking for some actually cool people and asking about how that fits with faith! Message bloew, contact details from me.
Be cool people
‘I am working on a new documentary for Channel 4 Education (which will be shown in schools and colleges) called ‘The Search for Cool’. It will be an authored piece by our presenter as we follow his journey around Britain meeting all different sorts of people in the attempt to define that ever elusive term ‘cool’. Some current writings say that ‘cool’ is set to be the dominant ethic among younger generations of the developed world and billions of ‘wannabes’ in developing countries. We are interested to find out where religion fits into all of this or is cool the new religion? Or is cool essentially a surface thing, it’s about image and essentially morally bankrupt, that it’s not even really a personal expression but a massive corporate pitch?
We would really like the church to have a voice in this and would like to speak to a young member of the clergy on what do they think about the pressure to be cool etc? Most of the people we will be interviewing for this will be between the ages of 16-24yrs but that’s not set in stone. It would involve a small commitment, maybe ½ a day’s filming, a very informal chat with our presenter. Anyway I will let you have a think and hopefully speak to you soon’

Mark Yaconelli ‘Contemplative Youth Ministry’

contemplative.jpgYES, I’m still GOING ON about this hugely important book. If you want to tune into other people’s opinions and ideas though you can join the virtual tour. It’s a day by day Grid blog with Mark responding to points raised. Details via Jonny Baker.

‘contemplation is being with God within the reality of the present moment. contemplation is about presence. it’s about attentiveness, opening our heart’s eye to God, ourselves, and others. contemplation is an attitude of the heart, an all embracing hospitality to what is.
‘ Mark Yaconelli p6
I really like that line, ‘EMBRACING hospitality to what is!’
PS: If you are within the Anglican Diocese of Oxford and would like to read this book then send me a strong self-addressed envelope with 73p postage on. I will then post a copy to you with a pre-paid return envelope and you can borrow one of the copies I have bought for 3 weeks. (Please include a piece of paper with ‘Comtemplative Youth Ministry on’ and your contact phone/e-mail details too). Post to
Valerie Hooley
Church House, North Hinksey
Oxford OX2 0NB

How cool is that?

My friend Stu P the autostulmeister has got me a ticket to see Lyle Lovett in October, how cool is that?
I’m taking part in the Classic oxfordshire 60 mile cycle ride on Sunday, how cool is that?
Only 3 weeks until I go with my family to Butlins for five days, how cool is that?
Life is Good 🙂
Been up since 05:00 as I am trying to get my college work finished, how tiring is that?

Dreams for the future

BIG reminder about the schools work conference on June 13/14th in Luton called ‘Dreams for the future!’
If you are doing schools work even if its only part of your role I highly recommend being there as I think there will be some important conversations.
Dreams For The Future
A conference for Christian schools workers
Date:Tuesday June 13th and Wednesday June 14th 2006, Luton
Fee: £20
Organised by The Luton Churches Education Trust
More information: Chris Curtis, Amy Stock 01582 877220

Der familie Youthblog

Couple of snapshots from home if that’s OK?
On Saturday morning my 11 year old played in a football tournament …… not something I EVER expected to see given that he has cerebral palsy. Thatcham Town FC has some amazing volunteers and they’ve been running a club for disabled youngsters which my son loves. On Saturday they put together a disabilty football tournament and it was AWESOME, well done to the referee as the games were a lot more complicated to ref! Anyway seeing my boy on the pitch with the Thatcham Harriers strip on was definitely ‘lump in the throat’ time so I thought I’d tell you about it 🙂
The other snapshot is that I’ve been teaching my 9 yr old daughter to play chess and her confidence is running way ahead of her ability! We played a game in which she boldly claimed that she thought she would beat me. I said that would be great but I didn’t think she was quite there yet and even getting me in check would be an achievment!
“In fact,” I added, “I’ll give you £2 if you get me in check!”
Anyway much to my surprise she did get me in check although lost her Knight in the process.
She was well chuffed and said, “I GOT YOU in check Daddy!”
“True!” I replied, “But you lost your Knight doing so!”
It was worth it for £2! ” she retorted

My top 6 Youth Ministry books

plan telex.JPG
Darren over at Planet Telex has been asking Youth Ministers for their top six YM books to post up at his Digital Orthodoxy Site. I started to put together an e-mail but decided it was easier in a blog format, so here’s me:
contem.jpg Contemplative Youth Ministry by Mark Yaconelli
This has only been out a month in the UK but is a brilliant critique of how we try and share faith with young people THEN a wonderful look at the contemplative and of a shared spiritual journey with young people.
Pip Wilsons Spectacular Stinking Rolling Magazine Book
A fantastic book of games, poetry and ‘stuff’ that encourages discussion, being real and the communicating of feelings. It’s about affirmation and Pips enthusiasm for us and young peole being ‘Beautiful Human Persons’ It’s a practical inspirational.
prac.jpg Practicing Passion by Kenda Creasy Dean
Another newish book but a great one. Kenda is a theologian who is clever, insightful and loves young people! Her thesis on young people being fuelled by passion and what that means for ministry is awesome. (I’d also have liketo include another of her books in the list, ‘Starting Right’ but am trying to confine myself to only one per author!
Relational Youthwork edited by Pete Ward
With contributions from Bob Mayo, Sam Adams, Steve Tilley and Peter Ball this was a really important book on looking at a theological understanding of youth ministry and a practical understanding of the role and outworking of relational/incarnational ministry.
dangsmall.jpg Dangerous Wonder by Mike Yaconelli
Mike was an inspiration to me when I was a teenager at Greenbelt and one of the formative people in the way I view youth work/youth ministry. The messy full on dangerous wonder of this book is an inspiration to me as a minister and to my ministry. The chapter headings alone are an adrenaline shot for my soul! The subtitle of ‘an adventure in childlike faith’ is spot on.
first2.jpg Your First Two years in Youth Ministry by Doug Fields
Useful, funny and challenging. I wish it had been available when I started as a full time youth minister.
Wanted to put other people in such as Donavan, Riddle, Newbiggin and Campolo but hey ho!
Please bung your list and a small review of each to Darren, I look forward to reading the results!

Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre

April saw the launch of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre which aims to use an interagency approach with collaboration from credit cards and ISPs to tackle Child Abuse. It has a stark message to anyone who contributes to the abuse of children in any way, “Get help or Get caught”
The press release is here. The web page is here and the child friendly web page is here.

Superman Returns

You HAVE to check out the trailer for the film Superman Returns! Tim Sudworth put me onto it and remarked on the ‘slight’ resonance with the opening lines of John’s gospel!
Jor-El: “Even though you’ve been raised as a human being you’re not one of them. They can be a great people Kal-El if they wish to be. They only lack the light to show the way. For this reason above all their capacity for good, I have sent them you… my only son” is not working

Acording to Six Apart, ‘the storm has passed’ in terms of difficulties with Typepad however my other blog is not coming up at all and by doing an search on google and clicking on the first few suggestions, it looks as if everyone whose blog ends in is affected (whereas are not)
If you are looking for Pedalling my thoughts, that’s why it is absent without leave.