Mixed metaphors

On the radio this morning (OK it was radio 2 I admit) there was a plug for a new radio programme that was being sold on its ecclectiveness (is that a word?) and the DJ rounded of his rallying advert for his new show with …
“Music from all four corners of the musical spectrum!”
Random leap into the depths of my memory and I remember a meeting when I was with Crusaders and someone said ….

“The trouble with sticking your neck out is you get your finders burnt!”

I’m declaring this mixed metaphor day! Do share your fav’s

3 Replies to “Mixed metaphors”

  1. That’s the pot calling the kettle’s bluff.
    Idle hands are the mother of invention.
    It’s not rocket surgery.
    He’s got too many oars in the fire.
    That’s a hard bubble to crack.
    An ideal mind is the devil’s playground.
    Rattle some feathers.
    Chicken guarding the hen house
    We’ll tackle that bridge when we come to it.
    The tip of the iceberg is a stepping stone.
    The monkey is in your court.
    well, that’s a feather in your pocket.
    That sure did take the steam out of his sails
    He is not the sharpest cookie in the jar
    That’s putting the chicken before the cart

  2. These are all genuine, heard first hand by me in conversation and from the same person who would never realise that he had got them wrong.
    “You can’t go around like the world and his oyster….”
    “You have to let him get his feet under the ground”
    “It was like a milestone round his neck”
    “When we have all our eggs in a row…”
    “When we have got our eggs lined up in the basket…” (honest)
    “It no skin of my bones”
    “We mustn’t sweep our dirty laundry under the carpet” – OK that one is made up.

  3. Get on your high horse and let off steam.
    Put that in your pipe and blow it.
    You can’t have your cake or eat it (said my Mum, who is somewhat of an expert but I won’t over quote out of family loyalty and the desire to make money out of her once she’s dead).

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