Mark Yaconelli ‘Contemplative Youth Ministry’

contemplative.jpgYES, I’m still GOING ON about this hugely important book. If you want to tune into other people’s opinions and ideas though you can join the virtual tour. It’s a day by day Grid blog with Mark responding to points raised. Details via Jonny Baker.

‘contemplation is being with God within the reality of the present moment. contemplation is about presence. it’s about attentiveness, opening our heart’s eye to God, ourselves, and others. contemplation is an attitude of the heart, an all embracing hospitality to what is.
‘ Mark Yaconelli p6
I really like that line, ‘EMBRACING hospitality to what is!’
PS: If you are within the Anglican Diocese of Oxford and would like to read this book then send me a strong self-addressed envelope with 73p postage on. I will then post a copy to you with a pre-paid return envelope and you can borrow one of the copies I have bought for 3 weeks. (Please include a piece of paper with ‘Comtemplative Youth Ministry on’ and your contact phone/e-mail details too). Post to
Valerie Hooley
Church House, North Hinksey
Oxford OX2 0NB

2 Replies to “Mark Yaconelli ‘Contemplative Youth Ministry’”

  1. I must get hold of a copy of this – it looks awesome! I can add it to my ever increasing pile of must reads! I confess to having had Practising Passion for over a year and still having not got past the intro!

  2. “an all embracing hospitality to what is.”
    I’m very concerned about that line. What if “What is” is something no-one should want to embrace, as is very often the case?

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