How cool is that?

My friend Stu P the autostulmeister has got me a ticket to see Lyle Lovett in October, how cool is that?
I’m taking part in the Classic oxfordshire 60 mile cycle ride on Sunday, how cool is that?
Only 3 weeks until I go with my family to Butlins for five days, how cool is that?
Life is Good 🙂
Been up since 05:00 as I am trying to get my college work finished, how tiring is that?

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  1. Hi all, I need some help from you all.
    I have an important 4,000 word assignment to write on the following subject for my BA in Theology and Ministry which I have included my structure below:
    “How can the institutional churches foster the development of Christian spirituality among young people in contemporary society”.
    structure as follows:
    1. Introduction: Explaining the scope of the assignment including age ranges being covered.
    2. Explain what is meant by the term “institutional churches” in context to the assignment (short)
    3. Explain what is meant by the term “Christian spirituality” including some different types as this will be important in bringing it all together.
    4. What spirituality do we currently bring to young people. I will be using published information to assess this along with surveys and some personal experience from different churches.
    5. Can we improve the spirituality that we bring. this will be an exploration of different styles of worship and evangelism which can provide alternative, better or any form of spiritual growth to young people.
    6. Conclusion. I will draw together current practice, identify alternatives etc and recommend in my view what if anything we can do to bring more spiritual growth to young people.
    Can anyone give me any advise clues and guidance on this. I already have a number of resources including practicing passion and I am just obtaining “contemplative youth ministry”.
    Would be interested if you have any survey’s or statistical data to substantiate the answer otherwise I may have to look at doing a survey / questionnaire study at a number of local churches.
    I am trying to bring into the second part areas such as “new wine”, labyrinth ect are there any other ideas you can provide.

  2. Andy,
    I look forward to reading it when you’ve finished.
    I think Contemplative Youth Ministry will be dynamite for this assignment and you may also gleen some useful stuff from SOUL SHAPER (do a search on the blog, it’s here somewhere)
    In terms of young people’s view of spirituality from outside of a faith setting then well worth a read of “Buried Spirituality” by Phil Rankin (again on the blog somewhere)
    I reckon developing spirituality is something we are poor at generally and a lot of your essay would be how we can invest more time in the contemplative and what that might look like.
    Mark Yaconelli’s book will be so useful for this!

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