Faithful Cities

I’m just reading the summary of the “Faithful Cities” report by the Comission on Urban Life and Faith. The report builds on the dynamic effect that “Faith in the City” had in the 80’s and looks into the changed world of British Cities. There’s some really good stuff in the report (subtitled ‘A call for celebration, vision and Justice’) and it’s well worth a read.
Recomendation 7. is of particular interest for the purpose of this blog. It states that
‘Government and Faith Communities must give new consideration to the informal education of young people’
and suggests these implications:
1. The statutory nature of the Youth Service must be reinstated and properly funded by local authority
2. Key worker status must be given to youth work practicioners so they are recruited and retained in urban areas
3. The spiritual well-being of young people must be an essential part of Youth Matters strategy and implication
4. Young people’s councils of Faith should be developed and resourced to build respect and encourage participation in civic society.

The Times artidcle on the report is here.