Do you know your tables?

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I’m currently sorting out new furniture for the dining room of the residential centre I am one of the trustees of. I need something durable and long lasting? I reckon I’m going to go for Gopak unless anyone has any other (UK)suggestions. ALSO has anyone got the Gopak tables with benches in a dining type set up? If so, on the 6ft tables/benches how many young people can/do sit on each side? Are they wide enough for dual sided dining?
(this may be my most obscure blog post ever …. and there’s some weird ones competing for that title, still I thought it was worth flagging up)
Any other bits of wisdom you can furnish me with (pun intended) would be great!

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  1. Ian, you seem to be typing in AQI? Where the voice goes up at the end of each sentence? I’m afraid I can’t help with the tables?

  2. I’ve used Gopak tables at many, many, many Guide events and have never had any problems with them. On the basis that you can have kids on both sides doing crafts, you should be fine to have them eating on both sides as well – try putting two place settings out opposite each other and measure how much room they need. I’ve no idea how many people they sit though.

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