Der familie Youthblog

Couple of snapshots from home if that’s OK?
On Saturday morning my 11 year old played in a football tournament …… not something I EVER expected to see given that he has cerebral palsy. Thatcham Town FC has some amazing volunteers and they’ve been running a club for disabled youngsters which my son loves. On Saturday they put together a disabilty football tournament and it was AWESOME, well done to the referee as the games were a lot more complicated to ref! Anyway seeing my boy on the pitch with the Thatcham Harriers strip on was definitely ‘lump in the throat’ time so I thought I’d tell you about it 🙂
The other snapshot is that I’ve been teaching my 9 yr old daughter to play chess and her confidence is running way ahead of her ability! We played a game in which she boldly claimed that she thought she would beat me. I said that would be great but I didn’t think she was quite there yet and even getting me in check would be an achievment!
“In fact,” I added, “I’ll give you £2 if you get me in check!”
Anyway much to my surprise she did get me in check although lost her Knight in the process.
She was well chuffed and said, “I GOT YOU in check Daddy!”
“True!” I replied, “But you lost your Knight doing so!”
It was worth it for £2! ” she retorted

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  1. Not sure teaching children to play chess by providing monetary incentives is very wholesome….but obviously very effective. What does she get when she beats you ????????

  2. I love these moments, my big sister has CP and I cried last year when we made it to the top of Snowdon together, was such a great moment 🙂

  3. I am a grandmother and chief supporter to 2 lads at Harriers, the dedication of the trainers and coaches is amazing, and we were all so pleased when the Disability Team got their own tournament. Welcome to the Harriers Supporters Gang !

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