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Well …. If you haven’t heard the news about Crusaders, here it is! From January, the name Crusaders ceases to be and the organisation becomes ‘Urban Saints!’ I had inklings that the name was going to change BUT this was nowehere near anything I would have guessed. The important thing is that their work and mission continues and there’s some interesting thinking behind the new name that’s well worth a read in terms of Vision.
I’ve been involved with Crusaders in one way or another since 1978 and some of the most Godly, radical and missional minded activists I’ve ever met have been through this organisation.
Change is never easy and I guess it would have been UTTERLY impossible to find a name that everyone could easily agree to, I’m not sure whether rural groups will feel very affirmed but the letter I received has a great rallying call,
We don’t work together because of what we are called – we work together because we are ‘called’
Can’t argue with that and for what it’s worth here’s my support and wishing the ministry of Urban Saints every blessing.

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  1. can see a few questions over the name but hopefully they will be dispelled as the vision unfurls. Should be an interesting journey.

  2. I glanced at this article on your blog this morning and thought oh, I’d better open the letter from Crusaders thats been in the kitchen for several days! This is a very radical name change for an organisation that’s been going for 100 years! I guess it reflects the organisations vision better. . I’m still digesting this news and i’m unsure on the logo / badge. ‘Urban Saints’ doesn’t sound very ‘middle class’ does it, which is good. Take your point about rural groups thou.
    However it doesn’t matter what your called but it does matter what you do. I suspect the mrketing folk would disagree on that.
    Being a ‘Crusader’ was like of being part of a big family. In my early twenties I moved around a lot with work. But i always knew that there would be a warm welcome for me in the local crusder group.
    I don’t think i would be the person I am now without the influnce of Crusaders.

  3. How’s your ankle? I have done the same thing in the past and it is very painful? Have you had it x-rayed as a precaution?
    Your article on Crusaders got me thinking about youthwork and our dear friend Andy Williams. Without his influence many of us would not be the adults we have become.
    Most, if not, all christians have an ‘ Andy Willaims’ type person in their life. Utimately the youth worker wether paid or voluntary, strives to be a positive influence on those young people in their group. It has been said before, but Youthwork is like a farmer sowing seed. Usually the farmer sees the seed grow in arelatively short time period, however the Youthworker may not. But the seed is still planted.

  4. Agree totally – but am really not sure about “Urban Saints”. For one, the badge and the name are totally at odds with one another. A medieval badge and 21st century name. I like the Saints but not the Urban. However, I’m sure the name I would have come up with would have been as divisive and (to quote) judge a tree by its fruit.
    By the way, Tim, go to bed earlier !

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