Admitting defeat

After a close encounter of the gravitational kind yesterday I am hobbling BIG TIME. I was walking home with the shopping and managed to half tread on a kerb and went down like the proverbial sack of potatoes, SO FRUSTRATING! Have discovered if I bandage my ankle tightly and then wear my walking boots laced right up I can walk (ish) so am at least a bit mobile. Oh well, “Can’t take a joke …. shouldn’t have joined!’
This is the quasi-monopedic youth adviser signing out and putting my foot up, Ouch!
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3 Replies to “Admitting defeat”

  1. you have my total sympathy – at least I had movement as my injury was stitches in the buttock! Stitches are out now but talk about uncomfortable – and I am never having a shower in a Travelodge again!

  2. ooooooh you poor thing.
    I agree with Mark though – you need an alternate more exciting story that involves downhill racing or SOMETHING. When I cut my hand I was “making an ice-sculpture” – sounded so much better than tripping up a step carrying plates!
    Of course I hope you know that the standard prescription for a busted ankle is chocolate, rest and DVD watching.
    Hope it’s better soon chum.

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