A splurge of news and info

trafficblog.jpg In the world of youth ministry here’s what’s hot and what’s not, the questions (but not the answers) and anything else that struck me, as it were.
I’m looking forward to catching up with a whole stack of people at Kenda Creasy Dean tomorrow in Oxford (hope the Guildford session went well today!).
Youth Emmaus 2 is out and received a good press.
Nosuchthingastoomuchcoffee in Shropshire is looking for some bands/DJ’s for a couple of summer events. Trying to track down localish rather than national bods. Leave suggestions on her site.
Bumped into my friend John at the CRE and he’s looking for a few more bods for a great project they’ve been running in Austria for a number of years. Its from 26th July – 5th August. You need to be 16-25. The project in a nutshell is to head out to Austria and be sharing faith, teaching English and gaining leadership training while helping run an event at a Bible School. More details: Download file
The next VERTIGO event is all systems go and will be on July 1st. A day of social action WITH communities and a mahoosive BBQ. Please get it in your diaries now! Prayer meeting for the event, Monday 5th June at 8pm at St Andrews Church
There’s a training event around ‘Teenage Pregnancy’ on June 6th at Didcot, details from me
Christian Aid are running a competition in BLISS magazine. Its basically a chance for a teenage girl to be a reporter, travel to India and write an article. Sounds pretty cool but the deadline to submit a letter as an entry is REALLY close.
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  1. I don’t know what mohoosive is but I never imagined, being from the South, US, that there was BBQ in the UK. BTW, I’ll be in Southall from May 26-June 5 if anyone wants to give a holler.

  2. Paul,
    Yep we BBQ stuff in the summer here too 🙂
    I’m away with my family all that week but I hope someone picks up on your visit and you get to link up.

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