I am basking in my new found recognition as the founder of the splurge approach to blogging, thus inspired here’s the Gos’ and the like. Edition 11 of JAM jam11.jpg magazine is out, well worth a look. Romance Academy have announced their training dates for July, September and October. They’ll be hitting London, Bristol and Northern Island. Check out the web page for more details and how to get hold of the DVD of the TV series.
In terms of obscure: I have been contacted by a Christian entertainment company that is run by a Christian and is looking to expand their childrens parties into Oxfordshire. It looks like really good match with youthwork/childrens work skills and could be EXTREMELY useful in supplementing income if you’re in a Church that can’t pay full-time or will be struggling in the future. Details from me!
St George’s College Jerusalem are looking for a few more young pople (15-25 I think) to be part of a programme from July 23-31st. It’s learning and experiencing the Holy land alongside local young people. There is sponsorship available for fees BUT you’d need to find the airfare and insurance. There’s a British Contact who can give you more details.
I have bought a set of NOOMA DVD’s so if anybody in the Diocese of Oxford is interested in using these for youth group sessions please ring up and say, “Hi, is that Ian the brilliant but quirky youth adviser?”
And finally, if you’re a bit fed up with youthwork and your looking for a job with similar highs and lows as well as gaining a different perspective, what about as a communications engineer like these guys?

Whenever two or three DYO’s are gathered together

…. It will be fairly riotous!
The conference together with my fellow Diocesan youth Officers was a blast. We had a banquet on the Wednesday night and the centre staff looked nervous! (I guess we were a ‘bit’ noisy). Lots of great discussion, some useful input and a simple Eucharist led by Maggi Dawn which was very cool.
We spent some time thinking about issues that we really wanted to promote some dialogue on. The ones I remember …..
1. Diversity and interfath dialogue
2. Discipleship and Confirmation
3. Young people and worship
4. Resourcing Churches and youth leaders
5. Youth Ministry vs Youth work (and training implications)
6. ‘Youth Matters’ and other legislation. Implications for voluntary sector

I’m signed up for the working group on Diversity and inter-faith dialogue. I’m convinced this is an important discussion for us to drive post 7/7 and in the aftermath of things like the Oldham riots. It will also really help the whole process of Discipleship with people more keen to understand and live their faith BUT in relationship with other people.

State of the union report

Felt the need to write something and undeterred by the fact that their is no cohererrent thought in my mind, here’s the stuff that happens as I type! My ankle is doing pretty well at functioning in an ankle-esque sort of way once again, It’s still a bit sore and every now and again I step in such a way that produces a shot of pain that would require a FORTUINE were there a swear box present.
The DYO conference is going well and escape plans are not needed as there is a) a bar! and b) the door isn’t locked so I can escape anytime ….. and plan to tomorrow for a while on the folding bike, Huzzah. (You know how you can get a bit conferenced out? or is it just me?) oh and c) I have internet access
a-team.jpg Really cool thing happened on the cycling blog, I reviewed in part a new folding bike that is pretty darn funky BUT haven’t ACTUALLY ridden. Anyway the UK distributor is going to lend me one to try! How COOL is that? (VERY)
Have been enjoying a series of text conversations with a good friend about the A-team and have this real urge to watch a few episodes. Nostalia eh? (not what it used to be)
I may be an old youth worker BUT I can still do ‘random’ eh! (Whatever Ian!, whatever!)
“In 1972 a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-Team.”

Missing presumed fed

tunnel.jpg Am trapped at a Christian conference centre for the next couple of days. If the tunnel plan goes well I shall blog from somewhere in Market Harborough, failing that please send Red Cross parcels and escape paraphernalia to me at Hothorpe Hall. If this blog is not updated until Friday, you know why!
Got to go, there’s a meeting of the Escape Committee

Faithful Cities

I’m just reading the summary of the “Faithful Cities” report by the Comission on Urban Life and Faith. The report builds on the dynamic effect that “Faith in the City” had in the 80’s and looks into the changed world of British Cities. There’s some really good stuff in the report (subtitled ‘A call for celebration, vision and Justice’) and it’s well worth a read.
Recomendation 7. is of particular interest for the purpose of this blog. It states that
‘Government and Faith Communities must give new consideration to the informal education of young people’
and suggests these implications:
1. The statutory nature of the Youth Service must be reinstated and properly funded by local authority
2. Key worker status must be given to youth work practicioners so they are recruited and retained in urban areas
3. The spiritual well-being of young people must be an essential part of Youth Matters strategy and implication
4. Young people’s councils of Faith should be developed and resourced to build respect and encourage participation in civic society.

The Times artidcle on the report is here.

Iverfest 17th June 2006

The youth work bods down at IVER have asked me to promote a gig that’s happening in the village on the 17th June. It’s a chance to hear Bosh, Echolab (UK) and Brother John at a knock down price. Flyer is attached and if you are within moshing distance of Iver then please support it. Download file
If you don’t know where Iver is …….. its inbetween where the M40 and M4 hit the M25!

Crusaders name change

Well …. If you haven’t heard the news about Crusaders, here it is! From January, the name Crusaders ceases to be and the organisation becomes ‘Urban Saints!’ I had inklings that the name was going to change BUT this was nowehere near anything I would have guessed. The important thing is that their work and mission continues and there’s some interesting thinking behind the new name that’s well worth a read in terms of Vision.
I’ve been involved with Crusaders in one way or another since 1978 and some of the most Godly, radical and missional minded activists I’ve ever met have been through this organisation.
Change is never easy and I guess it would have been UTTERLY impossible to find a name that everyone could easily agree to, I’m not sure whether rural groups will feel very affirmed but the letter I received has a great rallying call,
We don’t work together because of what we are called – we work together because we are ‘called’
Can’t argue with that and for what it’s worth here’s my support and wishing the ministry of Urban Saints every blessing.

Admitting defeat

After a close encounter of the gravitational kind yesterday I am hobbling BIG TIME. I was walking home with the shopping and managed to half tread on a kerb and went down like the proverbial sack of potatoes, SO FRUSTRATING! Have discovered if I bandage my ankle tightly and then wear my walking boots laced right up I can walk (ish) so am at least a bit mobile. Oh well, “Can’t take a joke …. shouldn’t have joined!’
This is the quasi-monopedic youth adviser signing out and putting my foot up, Ouch!
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