Youthwork job adverts

I blogged last month about the diversification of job adverts in Youthwork magazine and this trend contnues. Legendary youth workers Y & A just contacted me about the ad’ in which a Christian Farmer is seeking employment through this months mag? I’m unsure whether it’s a spoof in response to my suggestion …. or for real. I’m tempted to ring the number but last time I tried that (in response to a Help Line number on a packet of MARGERINE!!!!) I encountered someone with no sense of humour and it was a bit awkward.

4 Replies to “Youthwork job adverts”

  1. I just saw that advert twenty minutes ago.
    Go on – give him a call. Nothing ventured, nothing gained ;o)
    Let us know how you get on…

  2. thanks for the opening of our eyes on internet , pls kindly remeber me and help me out on the article on christian youth

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