Theology for Breakfast and Sustaining Faith

Just got back from the Diocesan Curates conference which was SO cool. The theme was ‘Sustaining Faith’ and the input was built around sustaining faith in self and others. I was leading workshops around ‘young people and faith’ and thoroughly enjoyed the energy and engagment of the two groups I ‘work-shopped’ with.
I presented a critique of the way we, as the church, are getting it wrong at the moment IMHO and explored these themes:
Words as a default and complete approach to sharing faith
Dualism between Church and Everyday (especially school) life
Programme Orientated
Black and White trite answers
Hierarchical Structure
Material religion
An established and unquestionable ecclesiology
Conformity model of discipleship
Failure to share and listen to faith stories of how God is at work in people’s lives

I also celebrated what I believe we are doing well as a Church, i.e:

All age community
The possibility of spirituality
A real heart and concern for young people

The workshops were really honest and one or two of the Curates shared their anxieties about talking to teenagers. I was really encouraged by the conversations and especially how able the curates were able to look at young people and the opportunities presented with fresh eyes.
About ten of us in the bar last night ended up having a top time with the conversation ranging from the profound to the idiotic and back again constantly, a celebration of life, faith, the divine and the ridiculous. (Enormous thanks to the curate who produced a bottle of single malt once the bar closed). Hit the sack at about 1am this morning and am consequently ‘a little’ drowsy. Didn’t stop an awesome discussion on theology, philosophy and constructed narratives this morning at breakfast in which we explored Existensial Psychotherapy and critiqued its approach WHILE tackling a full english! Nice!