Spring is in the air

stags.jpg I was at the park with my offspring yesterday and enjoying the spring vibe. There was a large bunch of teenagers on the grassy area by the playground larking about. The lads (and this is no exageration) were ALL in black hoodies and the larking about took the form of a series of mock fights. At any one time there were three of four groups of blokes pushing each other over or bundling into each other and the like. It was so funny, like some sort of Spring ritual. The energy and fun was making me smile, I half expected to hear a David Attenborough commentary in the background.
I wondered if any of the folk in the park were finding this behaviour alarming (having been brainwashed by the Daily Mail into believing ALL young people are automatically a problem) and how many were just enjoying the fact that young people were having so much fun.
I hope it was the latter.
As a loosely related aside: Does anyone else find this verse from the Bible a tad bizzare?
‘In the spring, at the time when kings go off to war …… ‘
2 Sam 11:1

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  1. Well, you don’t go off to war when its a) cold and wet and b) you need to plant your crops so you have something to eat!

  2. Fred,
    I kinda agree BUT if an issue is that series that it warrants war, I find the springtime response bizzare …..
    “Right they’ve done it now, nobody violates our country and abuses our citizens in that way!
    Once the weather improves and we’ve finished clearing up the leaves we’ll show them!”

  3. The Danes famously invaded Wessex during Winter to catch the English off guard (so to speak) so yet again, the Bible’s accuracy should be trusted !

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