Piloting my desk once again

I’m back! Not that I’ve been anywhere but I had a few days off from ‘youthblog’ after wrestling with the philosophical question,
If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there, does the tree still blog about it?
fall tree.jpg
Basically I noticed that both the readers were away and decided I’d instead invest my creative energy in cycling and inventing mad games with my kids. It was a mellow Easter weekend with family and great friends. I have an injured knee but at least this time I hit a car while cycling rather than the more painful scenario of a car hitting me!
So now I’m back what shall I blog about? I’ve got a couple of youthwork happenings to post but that can wait, I’ll probably do a splurge of info later when I’ve caught up with my mail. In the meantime I thought I’d flag up the most bizarre line I’ve read in a newspaper this weekend. Thorpe Park have a new Roller Coaster and the Guardian report on it flagged up this detail,
‘The drop – the fourth steepest in the world – is vertical’
How can you have steeper than vertical? Youthblog readers and PhD Physicists please comment?

4 Replies to “Piloting my desk once again”

  1. Perhaps steepest means highest in this sense ie it is the fourth longest vertical drop in the world?

  2. Hmm looks like I cant put ascii in a comment 🙁 maybe you could enable the ‘pre’ html tag then you can see what I wasted 10 minutes drawing 😉

  3. Mark,
    Sorry that your ascii drawing was disallowed BUT just so you know that your disertation writing time wasn’t being TOTALLY wasted, I did get to see the pic!

  4. Vertical is the property of being at right angles to the plane of the horizon.
    We live on a pretty close example of a sphere.
    The higher you go above the surface, the greater the declination to the horizon and thus the less “vertical” (more inclined) vertical is to the local observer.
    I’m not sure this was going through the mind of the journalist and I’m almost certain it doesn’t help anyone!
    Yours in Christian pedantry…

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