Matrix 2007

The Matrix conference in 2007 for employed youth worker/ministers in something I’ve been plugging for a while now (did I mention putting 5-7th March in your diary?) and am looking forward to. As other Matrixites know, my usual plan is to go to all the Keynote and worship BUT skive off the workshop programme to get the most out of a chance to chill and more importantly learn loads from the spontaneous discussions that evolve in the cafe area.
pooh-think.jpg However there is a plot afoot to make me attend at least one seminar ………. Dark (I mean light) forces have conspired and asked me to lead a workshop. Aaaarrgh! Have provisionally said yes despite the blot this will put on my impressive non-attendance record 🙁
I have a cunning plan: maybe i could change my seminar title to,
“Obtaining the maximum from the conference programme”
and run a non workshop!

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  1. Do you now have a title we have to use – maybe the ‘Venerable’ Ian Mac or Sir Ian of the Shed? … or perhaps a ‘new’ matrix name after a mythological or Biblical character… I suggest ‘Tetragrammaton’ or ‘Melchizedek’

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