Jack of all trades for the Master and Son

Just had a fascinating discussion paper from Ali who wonders if churches actually really want a qualified youth worker or do, in fact, want someone who can do/be the following ……
• Child Psychologist
• Theologian
• Taxi Driver
• Chef
• Negotiator
• Bouncer
• Preacher
• Trainer
• Volunteer Recruitment Officer
• A DIY Construction Expert
• A Doctor/Nurse and Ambulance Driver
• Counsellor
• Entertainer
• Teacher
• An Assembly Taker
• An Artist
• A Computer Expert
• An SMS Texter
• Fashion Guru
• A Musician
• A Committee Chair
• Film Critic
• Referee
• Caretaker
• PA and Sound System Consultant
• Housemaid
• Health and Safety/Risk Assessment and Child Protection Adviser
• Holiday Rep. and Tour Organiser!!
Any others you would add from your experience?

4 Replies to “Jack of all trades for the Master and Son”

  1. You forgot recycler of rubbish (egg cartons, yoghurt pots, kellogs boxes etc) and babysitter!!

  2. I would:
    skit director and stir-upper (as in, one who can somehow magically coerce youth into doing things)

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