I’m listening

consultation.jpg Spent some time in the last fews days listening to young people ………
On Friday I hosted a bunch of teens’ at Church House to gain their perspective on what the new Bish’ of Oxford should be like. Really great bunch of young people and I loved the discussion we had, fab. We then trouped in to see the Archbishops advisor armed with my cheesy picture of a Bish AND most importantly the combined thoughts of the teenagers on ‘stick it’ notes around the pic.
On Saturday I was involved in interviewing some youth workers for a job. The young people had a session with the candidates and their feedback was really perceptive. Top job!
One of the leaders from the ‘Pick a Bishop’ session e-mailed me this conversation:
On the way home, I asked X and Y what they thought, and X said ‘It was fun’. When I asked him what was fun about it, he said, ‘It was fun that someone asked us what we thought.’

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