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I’m sitting at my desk listening to German Radio (as you do), actually it’s really cool as Antenne Bayern plays nearly all English rock and 80’s and in between songs I get to improve my German, (not always usefully I admit e.g the traffic report for Munich is hard to work into conversation). Anyway I need to do something with all the info that’s cluttering up my desk SO I’m lobbing it into the blogosphere ………….. over to you!

Christian Aid week
is 14th-20th May. If you want to get young people involved then here’s some ideas. Download file. Also the lastest MPower has some useful resources in.

Christian Resources Exhibition:
9-12th May at Esher. On the Thursday CHP are launching three books: Making sense of Generation Y, Mission-Shaped children and Youth emmaus 2! Details here.
Funding in Oxfordshire: If you are in Oxfordshire then there is a pot of money called the Chill-out fund that can be used to buy equipment or leisure opportunities for youth groups. If you’d like to know more, send me an e-mail.

Local Networking
. A reminder that hooking up with your local Council for voluntary youth services is a top idea.
Oxford, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire is slightly different because it’s a jigsaw of unitary authorities so check into Berkshire association of clubs for young people.
Oh and how’s this for a great conversation? I bumped into one of the teens who used to be in my youth group. We’d worked for a long time with this guy and he’d been quite a handful (although we were aware of the reasons why) and lived through so many ups and downs with him. He was really welcome at stuff we ran but he’d nearly always remain on the fringes. Anyway he said to me,

‘Ian, you’ll never guess where I’m going this summer? …………. I’m going to Soul Survivor!’

I asked him, how come and he told me,
‘I’ve drifted so far away from everything to do with christianity but when we went to Soul Survivor I experienced something there and I want to know if it’s still real!’

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  1. One of my guys is super “un-interested” in anything “churchy”, prayers or anything – but once when I asked the group if they wanted prayer for anything or anyone, he asked for prayer for his dad who wasn’t well……its that spine-frisson moment!!

  2. Sono finito qui casualmente tramite google, certo che con internet si può andare ovunque=) My Name is Thomas,I live in italy(in Turin)Your blog is very good…^_^ sorry for my english =/ goodnight and W Juventus^_^

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