‘One day you’re waiting for the sky to fall.
The next you’re dazled by the beauty of it all’

Drop-in at the Youth Centre on Friday was a real encouragment, especially given my previous post. Numbers were small but for the few that were there it was an awesome session. For possibly the first time during my placement there, a conversation started in which there was genuine discussion, honesty and empathy. It was a beautiful moment and we let things go over time a bit as the young people didn’t want to leave. There was no great recordable outcome, it would be hard to match against ECM oucomes BUT it was a beautiful time and I’m thrilled to have been able to listen, chat and be allowed into the experiences that were shared.
I approach my last official session on Tuesday with interest. There is going to be a ‘sending off’ party for me and I’m not sure how the teens’ will react. I guess I’ll find out BUT for at least a small group they have glimpsed the ‘possible’ rather than the usual and I pray that will set the agenda for the future!
chimp smile.jpg
* Quote is from Bruce Cockburn and blatantly out of the context of the song!

2 Replies to “Dazzled”

  1. Great! Amazing how things sometimes turn around, even by small amounts (which is what, i’ve dscovered, most of youth work is about) I think God allows us glimpses of how he is working in the lives of young people when we feel at our lowest about situations just to remind us hes in control.

  2. Praise God! He is so cool! It is amazing how much He knows when we need a bit of encouragement! He clearly cares about you loads and the work that you are involved in!
    Stay close to Him and together you will go far!

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