ASBO mania

ASBO’s (Anti Social Behaviour Orders) I’m glad to say are coming in for some criticism …. and rightly so. This Link points out they were only supposed to be given to under 18’s in exceptional circumstances IN CONTRAST to the high numbers being given to TEENS. (The government deny this but if anyone would like to lend them a large sum of money they will probably be happy to agree, seeing as their E-bay peerage business has been exposed)
ASBO’s are also fast tracking young people into custodial sentences in cases by imposing ASBO’s that cannot be kept. (One ASBO was levelled at a young man who suffered from Tourette’s syndrome, meaning that if he continued to swear he would face imprisonmnet, Duh!).
Liberty have been doing some great work on our absurdly low age of criminal responsibility and the way in which ASBO’s and ‘name and shame’ are alienating and marginalising young people.

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  1. I heard an interesting discussion on the radio on the subject of ASBO’s. The issue is that to many people they seem to be an effective way of dealing with the ‘youth problem’. The discussion also opened out to whether the age of criminal responsibility should be lowered, and included calls from a number of people who were having problems with gangs of young people who were below the age of criminal responsibility and would use that as an excuse on the basis that the police would do nothing about their behaviour.
    Having said that, I think that ASBO’s are largely being used as a simple way to remove a symptom of a problem, rather than dealing with the problem itself. As you say it is a blunt bit of legislation that alientates and marginalises young people, diverting attention from addressing the real underlying problems.

  2. Richard,
    Thanks for comment, good to hear from you.
    I’m not sure about the callers though as we have THE lowest age of criminal responsibility in Europe. I was horrified when I visited a secure unit and saw really young (and immature) kids locked up.
    Not denying the behaviour of a small minority is a HUGE issue but we are creating more of a problem, not solving it.

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