Hoody Hord in Easter church yard incident

spooky graveyard.jpgFrom one of our own correspondents …..
Its dusk, the shadows are long and threatening, somewhere an owl hoots… a large group of dodgy looking teenagers are seen running and shouting in St Mary’s beautiful church yard. A concerned citizen calls the police and says there is criminal damage taking place this very instant and the police jump into battle (they were very quick to the scene of the crime – very impressive) only to be met by the Rector’s youngest son with a cheery “evening officer” and discover it’s the Church youth group! The amused officer radios back to base “no criminal damage Guv, it’s an Easter egg hunt”
I hope the police had a good laugh because we most certainly did

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Thanks Max 🙂

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  1. Reminds me of something similar that happened when we were playing a game with the Youth Group in the churchyard.
    A man going through the church yard told some of our youth group that they were being disrespectful. Having said that, it is worth noting the reason he was going through the church yard was that he was walking his dog – without a lead – and quite happily letting it pee up against the gravestones…

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