Zen and the art of youth work

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I’m still having a fun time out there in youthworksville. I was thinking this yesterday when I was at the gym with a lad I’m working with through the Oxford Youth Mentoring Scheme. The particular moment that prompted this reflection was when we were both on cross trainers having finsihed an insane race to see who could do 3000 paces first and were now competing at Countdown which was on one of the TV screens! (For the record, I lost the race but got the most points on Countdown).
Other stuff: I am TRYING to get a bunch of young people together for a consultation about what the new Bish of Oxford should be like. This is proving really difficult as I want it to be a representative group but difficulties of transport, Easter holidays and the like are making this trickier than a tricky project that’s very tricky.
Frustrating Stuff: A particular bunch of lads that I have been trying to work with turning up ALL wearing yellow jogging trousers!! The frustration stems not from the fashion faux pas, who am I am to judge 🙂 but because it meant they had been in trouble with the Police AND were proud of the fact. (An incident a while back in which they’re clothes had been taken for forensic evidence and they’d been lent the yellow tracksuits). Engaging this bunch of lads is really hard 🙁
Residential this weekend though, Hurrah! Which means loads of preperation and work, Boo! But a fabulous opportunity for these young people, Hurrah! But not much sleep, Boo! A lot of fun though, Hurrah!
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  1. If you’re still looking for volunteers, with Beth on Easter Holidays as well, we may be able to provide some young people, plus transport. Give me a shout if you’re interested.

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