Youth Worker Offices 5

Having featured a youth ministry office yeterday which had a particularly MESSiological approach to it’s theology, todays are much more systematic. Portsmouth and Rochester are the destinations for our voyeristic glances into the administry of all things youth workeresque …
This first one belongs to Mizz who is one of the crew at Reluctant Souls. I reckon this is a classic born again bedroom approach to the office and is funky in a post bedroom sort of way. (Mizz, I’m sure will correct me if I’m wrong). Great posters, WAY TOO TIDY but my fav’ feature is the mysterious piece of piping that travels outside the wall along the room above the desk, this may be evidence of a major youth work office initiative whereby hot coffee is piped directly to the desk? which would be nice!
Office Mizz.jpg
This next one is the creative base of Holy Phil. This is actually a 17th Century gatehouse with nothing beneath the floor but space for horses and carriages to pass through. This makes this office very cool ………. I mean incredibly cold! Most striking feature is how mahoosive the office is and I’m sure Phil would be open to suggestions with what to do with the Serengetti expanse in the middle of the room.
High Funkiness factor (assuming the furry dice are there in the ironic sense) and a class office. Worrying feature: The obsesively tidy papers put perfectly into line on the coffee table?
office phil G small.jpg

3 Replies to “Youth Worker Offices 5”

  1. Furry Dice were a gift from my youth group as I passed my driving test last year and moved to my new job. That wasn’t the worst thing they gave me, believe me! :0)

  2. Phil – That expanse of space in the middle of the room would be perfect for a filing system that enables you to access anything instantly and keeps the dust off the carpet!
    You can guess my youthwork office messiology!

  3. Re Miz – do you HAVE any stuff?
    Re Phil –
    Paul J, I quite agree. Surely with that carpet covering would be a preferable option!!!
    Great Taize poster though.
    You need some fridge magnets on that filing cabinet

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