Youth Worker Offices 2

I was at Farringdon today so had chance to further my research into Youthworkers’ offices. I had chance to photograph the workstation of Simo(n) aka Onmebus (and in fact, see the bus!). Seriously cool place to work, in that his office has sofa space enough to seat 12 people and an A2 Colour printer AND a colour laser printer. Initially it only scored 5 Hamiltons for untidyness until I discovered a magentic noticeboard flat on it’s side where, it appears, every fly in Farringon goes to die. The score then descended to a more youthworkery ‘7’ given the fly-graveyard.
Funkiness aplenty though. The phone is inside a scale model red phone box AND the Cartoon Church calender for the year is on prominent view!
Office Simon.jpg
Bonus points for having wi-fi. Weird points for the wi-fi transmitter being 2cm from the Laptop.

3 Replies to “Youth Worker Offices 2”

  1. Perhaps you should do a comparison with Children’s Workers offices. Also, I reckon it would be fun to see if there is a correlation between learning styles and state of office.
    I for one struggle with mess and clutter… and admit that my office is a cross between a very square teenagers bedroom and an office!

  2. Corrections/comments:-
    It’s one ‘r’ – Faringdon
    It’s a hot wax printer
    And what’s the point in having sofas if you can’t work from them – hence wifi at tat time close to laptop but not always plus printer in a network job so I don’t have to faf around keep plugging and unplugging things (plus I’m a gadget freak!)

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