Youth Worker Offices 1.

I was a few minutes early for a meeting in Guildford yesterday so borrowed an office to do a bit of work in. As I was checking the blog for comments I had an idea for a whole new series on the blog. *Drum Roll* Welcome to ‘Youth Worker Offices’ a psychological examination of the working practices of youth workers and an in-depth look into their personalities! Ok, more like …… a bit of fun and an insight into the working enviroment of folk who tune in to Youthblog.
Here’s the idea. Send me a picture of your office or wherever you work. It must be in it’s NORMAL state and I’ll post it on the blog. To kick the ball rolling here is the picture I snapped in Tim Sudworths Office yesterday:
Officer sudders.jpg


Fun Factor

Good. eg Peter Kay Calender and bizarre water feature



Number of discarded cups/mugs


Youth Workery resources

Excellent: BIG shelf out of pic





*Untidiness is measured on the Hamilton scale where 10 is the full Hamilton and desk/flooring are undiscernable!
(refers to DEEP THOUGHT who’s office is legendary in terms of non orderlyness)

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  1. What a shame it isn’t offices in general…
    Having said that, I doubt Beth would actually allow me to show a picture of our spare bedroom/office…

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