Youth Worker Office 3

Another insight into the organisational life of the Youth Worker. This time from North Wales-ish and the tidiest office so far (less than 1 on the Hamilton scale) but I’m assured that it gets untidier as the week goes on! Ruthe (nosuchthingastomuchcoffee) is the pilot of this office and I’m very impressed with the high levels of funkiness! Good CD collection being sucked into i-tunes, left over Christmas decoration and a uber funky MAC as a computer.
Special commendation for the most amount of culture I’ve observed in a youth worker office so far (I’m referring to the remains of the yoghurt) and I also like the randomness of the spare ping-pong balls.
office ruthe small.jpg
Summary: disturbingly tidy but very cool. Weirdest bit: Where are all the wires??????? Check under the desk ….. it’s completely devoid of the normal ‘spaghetti’ by which everything connects together! How is this possible?

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  1. The lack of wires is probably because it’s a Mac.
    A basic iMac setup will only be one power cable, a cable from the main unit to the keyboard, and if she’s using the regular Mac mouse, a pretty short cable from the keyboard to the mouse.
    Of course, if she’s gone for the wireless desktop option, and is printing and networking wirlessly too the only cable you’ll have is the power cable which feeds nicely in through the back of the main unit.
    Bear in mind that it is quite possible to have a Mac setup with loads of cables (like mine for example) and equally well have a PC setup with few cables too, as there are similar wireless options for most things on the PC.

  2. Richard,
    Ah, that’s how it’s done! Still pretty impressive from my point of view as I sit here with power cable, network cable and 2 usb’s running into the laptop with an additional USB lead from a hub that runs wires to the card reader, pda sync a usb mouse. Also kicking around the desk is my headphones, mobile phone charger, desk lamp lead and pda charger! THIS is why I was so impressed with the lack of spaghetti on the featured desk.

  3. as much as I’d like you to believe I am ultra tidy wireless funky mac user … the underneath of my desk has a wire rack which looks a little like spagetti junction!

  4. PS … Oswestry is in Shropshire, England … the Oswestrians get very agitated if we call them Welsh but I’m from Manchester so not that bothered! 😉

  5. Lamps and mobile phone chargers are both available as USB devices, not only cutting down on desktop clutter, but also freeing up power sockets for games consoles, etc…

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