Youth ministry and discipleship

Good debate going on over at Backyard Missionary on Youth ministry and Discipleship, well worth a read.
I had a REAL rant about this way back in terms of the Church and discipleship, I hope what Hamo has started will fuel a meaningful AND USEFUl debate, Quite a few folk have picked this up, check out Marko.
ht to the Lev via TSK from the link 🙂

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  1. …I see you are getting sucked into Blogging jargon now 😉 Funny how these things take off… a few months ago everyone was saying “thanks for the link to…” now its all “HT” this and “HT” that… Blogging is no longer a tool… it has become a culture 😉

  2. Mark,
    OOOps guilty as charged but you should know I’ve anglicized it. I think in the U.S it means ‘Hat tip to’ but ‘ht’ here is *clears throat, adopts very English plummmy accent* ‘Humble thanks!’

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