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  1. This document is a real concern – I think it is something that every christian who is involved in youthwork should critique worth a conference that is one that gives access to us not the ones of £400 a time!! –
    I am pleased 19000 young peeps responded but what was telling was the number of young people whose voice wasn’t heard in a national population of 60 million. The statistics tell me that whilst this is a start – but it is only a smattering to have a definitive policy being driven without the statistics. This would only cover 15 towns of a population of 100,000 to put this in perspective (We have a lot more towns as well as our major population centres).
    I am disappointed that the approach of consumerism and incentivising young people by money is not the best place of well being for young people but is a major plank of this document. Taking money away from disempowered young people is going to further emascualte those who feel dispossessed and disenfranchised – who can’t buy into this. This is the most scary aspect – this is forcing young people to go further down a criminalising route which seems to be the sub-text of YOT (where is rehabilitation and restitution)
    “If you don’t buy in – we will clobber you”
    I think there is a prophetic opportunity for christians to challenge this not being anti but it is actually the right thing to do and has massive ramifications. I want to ask the government to think again very seriously this will give us problems.
    Also very little taken on board in relation to spirituality well being and diversity(just cursory comments). This needs to be raised wider and I think there comes a time when we need to not acquiesce but have a critically reflective view and offer alternatives about real transformation if this Gospel has the power to save. I am glad I am not funded by the DFES cos I think this would cause me major problems as a matter of conscience. If we buy into this – then I think it will be a slippery slope. I am into partnership but not when there is a price tag on humans – this seems we have a price tag to being human and communities in my humble opinion.
    Sorry it’s long but we need to get serious about policy and how it impinges on our theology and practice.

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