Where did the weekend go?

‘What was that?’
That was the weekend mate!
‘What ……. any chance of another one?’
Monday morning and I’m sitting in one of my offices (The Starbucks one) and logging on via wi-fi and caffiene to see how the week looks! The weekend flew by with ‘drop-in’ at the youth centre, I spoke at a Vocations weekend at Begbrook priory (My daughter came with me and kept calling it the nunnery!) and on Sunday the funky meta-church organisation, ‘Oxford Youth Works’ put on a shindig I went to.
Found this picture on the web. It’s quite depressing really but I really like the amused incredulity of the bystander who is pointing at the sign. Also, the ‘makes me sick’ guy appears to be giving someone directions, I can’t think of anyone I’d be less likely to ask directions from?
make me sick edit.jpg
Saddened by this sort of stuff, I wonder how this guy views Jesus’ interactions with tax collectors, prostitutes, lepers from the gospels and whether he’s understood how Jewish society viewed them?
(BTW, What’s an ankle biter? and is there any theological justification for attacking us ‘computer freaks?’)

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  1. My friend has a dog that follows her all the way to the field nipping her ankles until she throws the ball. Does that count?

  2. round this way people refer to young children as ankle biters – you know, like toddler age!! Seems a bit harsh!

  3. How does he feel about Dykes without bikes? Is there something about the bikes or was it just too good a rhyme to miss out? And why doesn’t he include the Mexicans after racists? Surely everyone like that joke. I hate racists and the Dutch… (I have ammended it for a transAtlantic audience)

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