What’s up blog?

Captain’s Log: Stardate – End of March-ish
I think all the changes to the blog have bedded down now and stuff is working. Thanks to everyone who has changed their link to www.youthblog.org (If you haven’t, please do so!). One of the limitations of the new set-up is if anyone is looking for something it throws you straight to the current day so you’ll need to use the ‘search’ box to track down the ‘post’ that you wanted.
This means that Youthblog becomes less attractive to harvest pictures from but there’s still loadsa people trying, I’m getting 2-3 thousand hits a day but the vast majority of these are looking for pictures not ‘youth ministry’ Hey Ho
Someone has put together a site in China called Youthblog (link here) which I think is to do with young people but I could be wrong? ….. this is definitely not an attempt at franchising!!!!!
yblog ban web.jpg

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