Three Funerals and a wedding

Just found this picture that I used in a series of talks onthe book of Ruth that I entitled ‘Three Funerals and a Wedding!’ I can’t find the origin of the cartoon but I suspect it was from Winebibber. It’s only funny probably if you remember ‘When Harry met Sally!’
ruth met BOAZ smaller.jpg

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  1. A great film, I used a clip several years ago for a video we over dubbed for a thing on world mission, we used several films and used some of the original sound tracks and added our own in other places, the final question was after everything you’ve heard do you think world mission is a good idea, in answer to the question we used the restaurant scene, I was told I had to stop it after just one answer there were also people positioned on the video projector and the sound desk to make sure the clip didn’t go on for too long! In hindsight I can perhaps see why for a Norwich YFC event it wasn’t right but sat the time it seamed like a good idea (and I think secretly they all really liked it!)

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